Linda Zercoe has worked providing patient care in hospitals as a RN. Later switching careers she worked as a CPA in the financial services industry.

By far her longest career has been as a Cancer Warrior where for two decades she has been a patient battling five different kinds of cancer. She is a cancer advocate, activist and has been a caregiver for many.

She lives in Danville, California with her husband and their three Papillons. Her two adult children live in the SF Bay area.

Her love of reading inspires her to write about the things she is passionate about. She is passionate about ending Cancer.

You can follow her on Twitter @thecancerian1 for timely news, particularly research findings, she shares on the topic of cancer.

You can also visit her website at and follow her at for regular but different updates on the twists and turns of her latest adventure, her memoir “A Kick-Ass Fairy”, published 9/22/2013!