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Happy Sanhaim!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Celebration of the harvest!

I am on retreat in the Sonoran desert of Arizona at Miraval. After the last cancer/scare/adrenal tumor/then no tumor but scar tissue/feeling disgusted. After the duodenal ulcer healing and the two endoscopies. After the endocrinologist, dietician, holistic functional medicine doctor, the testing for gluten sensitivity, the need for digestive enzymes. After reaching a size 0 – here I am – to center myself, ground and re-envision my life once again.

I have learned many things from the past few months: Continue Reading…

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Family Update:

We are celebrating the two-year anniversary since my daughter’s last cancer. She is following a more frequent version of the Toronto Protocol (the go-to surveillance program for Li-Fraumeni Syndrome). We ride the rollercoaster every three months – so far so good. She survived her recent 10-day vision quest in the mountains with the requisite three-day fast and the close-call bear encounter with the revelation that she will grow old. I cried. Continue Reading…



The answer to the first question is, well, no and yes. The how is that you have to find an agent to represent you and your manuscript to a publisher. According to the six agents that were contacted regarding representing me to sell my manuscript to a traditional publishing house, the answer was ‘NO’. The reasons given basically were as follows:

  1. Traditional publishing is rapidly changing. A memoir about cancer by an unknown author will be a hard sell.
  2. While your story is amazing, we no longer represent these types of books. We are more into ‘YA’ or young adult fiction. Good luck to you though!
  3. Even though your story sounds intriguing, I do not have the time to read it and would need to further understand the context.
  4. No response
  5. No response
  6. The market is saturated in this field.. or in my words–“Been done to death”


So what is a person to do? I could keep working on trying to find an agent. This would require a dog and pony show, letter writing, writing for magazines, blogging for the Huffington Post. I get cancer with the frequency of turning over a leased car…therefore, I have no time to mess around. Continue Reading…