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37436689 - apples fill a bin at an orchard market at harvest time.

Happy Sanhaim!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Celebration of the harvest!

I am on retreat in the Sonoran desert of Arizona at Miraval. After the last cancer/scare/adrenal tumor/then no tumor but scar tissue/feeling disgusted. After the duodenal ulcer healing and the two endoscopies. After the endocrinologist, dietician, holistic functional medicine doctor, the testing for gluten sensitivity, the need for digestive enzymes. After reaching a size 0 – here I am – to center myself, ground and re-envision my life once again.

I have learned many things from the past few months: Continue Reading…


During the past month I have been constantly reminded of how ‘normal’ life goes on during and after cancer.

During the airing of the Super bowl in early February, my husband and I discovered a plumbing leak in our kitchen that required immediate attention after already having created much damage to cabinets, walls and floors in two rooms. The water leak had gone undetected, possibly for weeks, until the symptoms of bubbles in our walls appeared and the floor started to buckle. Earlier in the week I noticed that an upper cabinet was stained from what I thought was spilled coffee that had not been cleaned up. Finally all the dots connected and the ‘disaster’ clicked. Continue Reading…