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As most of you know, my daughter had another tumor removed last July. This was her second occurrence of leiomyosarcoma. She had a liver resection. Two institutions opined that it could not be determined if it was a new primary tumor or Stage IV as the cells of leiomyosarcoma were exactly the same. She was 6 months shy of her 5-year anniversary.

As a parent, at first I was first in warrior mode, then caregiver mode and then when the dust had settled became completely distraught. I have complex PTSD and this event was a trauma trigger on the magnitude of an 8.0 earthquake collapsing the entire house. I went into the usual grieving over whether she would live or die. I had to wrestle with Can I stand by and watch my daughter die from this? Would I rather be dead? Even after all I had been through, fighting to live, living through my first husband’s death, could I do this again? I asked myself these questions and more. Continue Reading…


I am a great fan of the Charlie Rose show. On December 13, 2012, he hosted the Brain Series 2, Episode 12, entitled ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’, (PTSD). His guests included Dr. Eric Kandel, Nobel Laureate and Professor at Columbia University, Murray Stein, MD, MPH from UC San Diego, a professor and Director of of the Anxiety and Traumatic Disorders Stress Program and other medical professionals and researchers.

The premier guest on the show to expound on the personal experience of PTSD was Retired Lt. Colonel John O’Brian. He is a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and was described by Charlie Rose as an American hero, with 25 years of service, a recipient of the Bronze Star, a Purple Heart and the Combat Action Badge.

Dr. Kandel went on to describe the ‘fascinating’ disorder; PTSD is unique because they understand the cause. The cause of PTSD is a physical threat to oneself resulting in tremendous fear and helplessness. It causes severe anxiety, panic, depression, recurrent nightmares, bad, frightening thoughts, helplessness, and avoidance. It also is the ongoing fear that the trauma will come back and is going to happen again Continue Reading…